While new HIT innovations can ultimately be transformational, there is a Big Data “last mile” problem, which goes unspoken: gaining access to health records.

Big Data in Healthcare: The Final Roadblock is Failing

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Precision Medicine to the Internet of Things (IoT), there are plenty of discussions about Big Data in the Healthcare arena these days. Clearly, these are exciting times.

While these innovations can ultimately be transformational, there is a Big Data “last mile” problem, which goes unspoken: gaining access to health records, especially for ambulatory records.

There’s a market price for connecting to big hospitals and their EHRs. Depending on the use case, this is usually feasible. When it comes to the this last mile, health data exchange is often cost prohibitive because it requires significant effort, software, and sometimes even hardware (VPN appliance) to access the data in ambulatory settings.

In addition, smaller healthcare facilities may be challenged with the cost of staff to maintain these connections.  Without dedicated infrastructure staff, maintenance becomes a problem. This can be exacerbated by financial and regulatory pressures to deliver care in a less costly and more efficient manner – further taxing internal resources to “do more with less.”

But, this digital divide between the “haves” and “have not’s” in data exchange is coming to an end! A new breed of cloud-based exchange solutions allow health data exchange at a reasonable cost. These solutions differ from the previous generation in significant ways for last mile access:

  1. Effort – no hardware or software packages need to be installed onsite
  2. Cost – leveraging cloud-based scalable infrastructure greatly reduces price

One such solution we have pioneered uses a low-cost existing standard (Direct secure messaging) in unique ways to provide features to ambulatory facilities without costly VPNs.

As a platform, RosettaHealth breaks this last-mile Big Data roadblock. Our cloud platform moves more than 5 million health records a month, and enables organizations to exchange healthcare information safely, securely but at a fraction of the previous generation’s interoperability costs

By leveraging these types of solutions, ultimately, the last mile of healthcare Big Data will be smoothly paved, allowing the dream of ubiquitous health data exchange to fully (and finally) come to life.

To learn more about how RosettaHealth can assist with any health information challenges you might have, book a free consultation with one of our interoperability experts.Book a Consultation

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