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OMNY: Timely Data Access in a Cost-Efficient and Actionable Manner

In the healthcare arena, the rise of data can help transform overall care and reduce overall costs. One of the key challenges, however, is best managing the growing tsunami of data out there, and translating that into actionable insights for both care and operational efforts.

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New Years Resolution: Lose That Health Data Exchange Weight

We have grown accustomed to health data exchange between organizations being difficult and expensive. For many hospitals, HIEs and vendors, it is simply the cost of doing business – and it’s something that can drag down any organization.

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Disparity of Health Data Sharing Across U.S. Reinforces Need for Community-Based Solutions

Understanding how each state across the U.S. is accessing and sharing patient data can be a challenging and complicated endeavor.  However, thanks to a project called Health Information and the Law, developed by George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health, it is possible to see disparities when it comes to patient data sharing.

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Patient Data Sharing Drives Outcomes for Community-Based Health

From hospitals and ambulatory practices to post-acute care facilities and home health, the ability to effectively share patient data is driving better health outcomes in community care settings.

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