Buff Colchagoff, CEO

Buff Colchagoff has over 16 years Health IT experience with large projects including building the VA’s PHR MyHealtheVet, as operations manager for the Nationwide Health Information Exchange (NwHIN) which grew into the Sequoia Project, the Direct Project, and now as CEO of cloud-based health messaging and exchange platform
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HITECH Answers: The Seven Swans and Health Data Exchange in 2019

Once again, I had the unique pleasure of participating in the 12 Days of Christmas content round up with our friends at HITECH Answers. This is one of my favorite opportunities because it offers a creative challenge: tying holiday themes into the idea of health data exchange.

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Topics: health information exchange, health exchange networks, health data sharing

New Years Resolution: Lose That Health Data Exchange Weight

We have grown accustomed to health data exchange between organizations being difficult and expensive. For many hospitals, HIEs and vendors, it is simply the cost of doing business – and it’s something that can drag down any organization.

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Topics: health exchange networks, clinical information sharing, health data sharing, health data analytics

HITECH Answers: The 3 Christmas Ghosts of Health Data Exchange

The holiday season is always a great time to reflect on where we have been, and look at what lies ahead in the future. This is why I recently authored a guest article for HITECH Answers that takes a page from Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol,” and looks at the three ghost of health data exchange.

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Topics: health data exchange, Health IT Interoperability, health data sharing

Big Data in Healthcare: The Final Roadblock is Failing

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Precision Medicine to the Internet of Things (IoT), there are plenty of discussions about Big Data in the Healthcare arena these days. Clearly, these are exciting times.

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Topics: health data exchange, Health IT Interoperability, Health IT

It Takes a Village to Break Down HIT Interoperability Barriers

There seems to be no shortage of news in the health IT arena about patient data interoperability issues. From challenges with the ONC’s role in interoperability to CHIME and DirectTrust collaborating on solutions, there’s plenty of activity and opinions, but no real panacea.

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Topics: medical records, ACO, Health IT Interoperability, clinical information exchange

Ready to Enter Health Information Exchange Paradise?

In the healthcare interoperability arena, health information exchange can sometimes seem daunting: systems don’t talk to each other, vendors promise and then delay, and there's no single solution to the entire mess.

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Topics: medical records, EHR, HealthIT, Health IT Interoperability

Building your Health IT House

There was a time when most Americans built their own homes.  Think of log cabins being crafted by hardy individuals -- cutting the trees, hewing logs and fitting the doors.  Now, that method is a romantic idea, but almost nobody does that any more.
 Unless you have a lot of free time on your hands — you don’t build your own home.  Even more, the people you hire to build your home don’t build it — they usually subcontract to specialists (plumbers, electricians, HVAC, etc.).

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Topics: interoperability, HL7, interfaces, HealthIT, cloud-based, SaaS, Direct secure messaging, standards, IHE

The Coming Revolution in Health Data — Ubiquity

In 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  A bone scan indicated that the cancer may have metastasized to the bone. A surgery was scheduled to remove and biopsy part of a rib in question.  The surgeon was to review the bone scan before surgery, but he didn’t. That information didn’t get to him, and he removed another part of my rib.

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