RosettaHealth's revolutionary new “Access Everywhere” initiative breaks down all barriers to effectively share health data, especially in the community setting.

Disparity of Health Data Sharing Across U.S. Reinforces Need for Community-Based Solutions

Understanding how each state across the U.S. is accessing and sharing patient data can be a challenging and complicated endeavor.  However, thanks to a project called Health Information and the Law, developed by George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health, it is possible to see disparities when it comes to patient data sharing.

The project offers an interactive map that provides summaries of how a specific state’s timetable for providing health records compares to the 30-day time period mandated by HIPAA. While it’s not easy to compare “apples to apples” between states when it comes to who’s winning in the patient data sharing arena, it is obvious that not all states are created equal, based on the data provided.

For example, states like Vermont, South Carolina, Kansas and Idaho all show that there is no law in place that specifically offers individual data access rights. Meanwhile, New York, California and Washington all have state medical record access requirements that are stronger than HIPAA.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this disparity is the barrier for care coordination in community environments?  In other words, these gaps could be closed by new solutions that make it easier, more secure and ubiquitous to have the right clinical information when clinical decisions are made.

At HIMSS 2017, RosettaHealth launched its revolutionary new “Access Everywhere” initiative, which breaks down all barriers to effectively share health data – especially in the community setting.

As part of this new offering, RosettaHealth’s CommunityCONNECT provides features that simply weren't available at the community level. These include care management across facilities allowing workflow and tracking of cases; population health analytics that reveal insights and target areas for improvement; and secure messaging/notifications and access to records everywhere there's care.

“We are opening the door for any community-based health provider to achieve the true benefits of data exchange and messaging, in a highly cost-effective way,” said Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth.

To learn more about how to take advantage of a simple, affordable, one-stop solution for clinical information sharing in a community, please contact RosettaHealth here.

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