Here's are the top five reasons why outsourced cloud-based interoperability solutions have been gaining traction with health data analytic providers.

Health Data Analytics Providers: Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Cloud-Based Interoperability

In the health data analytics arena, providing data  accessibility, analysis, and reporting to a wide-range of healthcare organizations is paramount. However, meeting this mission requires building big health data interoperability and transport solutions, which can be costly and cumbersome to develop.

This is why outsourced cloud-based interoperability solutions for health data analytic providers have been gaining traction. Here are the top five reasons why health data analytics provider should embrace cloud-based interoperability:

5) Greater Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud-based systems provide better flexibility and scalability – allowing businesses to easily upscale or downscale your IT requirements as required.

4) Access to More Data: Cloud-based interoperability systems can effectively pull, push, and query-retrieve from any health data source using existing APIs and health transport standards. This method provides significantly faster and lower-cost connections over site-based solutions.

3) Access to Different Communities: It’s possible to easily access patient data not just at one facility, or across one EHR, but across entire communities or larger geographic areas. Using a variety of cloud-hosted technologies provides community-wide access to data.

2) Opportunity Costs: The opportunity cost of building and operating your own interoperability infrastructure is far greater than outsourcing to a more cost-effective SAAS-based provider.

1) Focus on Your Core Business: By embracing cloud-based interoperability, health data analytics providers can better focus on their core businesses. In addition, a recent study showed that cloud-based systems can help an IT organization be 80 percent more efficient and productive.

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