RosettaHealth is hosting a “community” of organizations truly making strides in breaking down health data exchange barriers at HIMSS 2018.

Health Data Answers:  Breaking Down Health Data Exchange Barriers with a “Community” at HIMSS 2018

The vision of ubiquitous health data exchange has been challenged for many years.

Although it is accelerating these days, health data exchange really only happens in the very narrow channels of HL7 v2 messages through VPNs, or Direct messaging for Transitions of Care.

In addition, many care facilities live near “data deserts,” and don’t have access to the right options for sharing health data. For example, ambulatory sites using smaller EHRs rarely have the option to participate in true health data exchange. And, many health data exchange projects fail, and ultimately require new vendor choices, or “re-platforming” solutions.

To help address these needs, RosettaHealth is taking a new approach at HIMSS 2018 that aims to provide clarity, and make health data exchange seamless and ubiquitous. At Booth #11418, the company is showcasing how it takes a community cast of HIEs, vendors and health startups to make health data exchange truly work.

This was the key theme of a recent Health Data Answers guest article by Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth.

RosettaHealth will be joined by HASA, the community HIE for North, South and West Texas, IMAT SolutionsSocialClime, and Shatzkin Systems. This combined effort will showcase how different members of the healthcare data community have cooperated to achieve innovative exchange use cases, and enable exchanges that were too costly or too risky before.

“By bringing together this special community, we aim to show HIMSS 2018 attendees that health data exchange can actually work in ways that are better, faster, and more cost-effective,” said Colchagoff in the article.

Colchagoff goes on to urge all health organization struggling to make health data exchange work to come visit the RosettaHealth “community” in Booth #11418. In addition, be sure to visit the RosettaHealth HIMSS 2018 landing page here. 

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