HealtHIE Nevada is enhancing population health efforts in Nevada by allowing providers to be armed with the most current patient immunization data.

HealtHIE Nevada Advances Immunization Data Sharing

Increasing immunization rates to reduce preventable infectious diseases plays a major role in improving overall population health. A key element of enhancing immunization efforts is allowing providers to have access to and share all relevant data from patients.

HealtHIE Nevada, the statewide health information exchange (HIE) in Nevada, is doing this with its recent collaboration with Nevada WebIZ, the statewide immunization information system. The connection went live a few months ago, and was established using funds obtained through a $1.2 million grant supported by the HITECH Act.

Now, HealtHIE Nevada allows providers to instantly search and access all of a patient’s updated immunization data. Healthcare Innovation recently interviewed Michael Gagnon, Executive Director of HealtHIE Nevada, and here’s what he had to say about this effort:

“We partnered with Nevada WebIZ via the HITECH 90-10 grant, looking to connect the state immunization registry to the HealthHIE Nevada system so that there would be another avenue for providers to get that immunization data when they get the rest of the medical records that we provide through the HIE.”

HealtHIE Nevada has a solid track record of taking innovative approaches to enhancing its overall health data exchange efforts.

In May, the organization announced a partnership with RosettaHealth, and is now using our HealthBus solution as a “universal translator” of health data transport protocols. This solution allows HealtHIE Nevada to more easily register new patients and provide health records to all providers, during and after any episode of care.

For health care facilities, this technology allows them to easily share patient data and access the medical records contained in the HIE directly from within their own EHRs. This enhanced ability to retrieve patient data from HealtHIE Nevada is key in reducing physician burnout and streamlining use of the full patient-centric medical record contained in the HIE.

In addition, we recorded a HIE leaders roundtable podcast in advance of SHIEC 2019, where Michael discussed a wide-range of health data exchange-related topics with Phil Beckett, CEO of HASA, and Nance Shatzkin, Founder of Shatzkin Systems. You can listen to that full interview here.

We applaud HealtHIE Nevada’s efforts to enhance population health by allowing providers to be armed with the most current patient immunization data.

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