The new Health Information Exchange Weekly News Round Up provides the news you need to be smart and effective when it comes to health information exchange.

HIE News Round Up: HHS Input from Private Sector; Network-of-Networks Health Data Standardization; and IMAT Solutions and Hurricane Florence

Welcome to the Health Information Exchange Weekly News Round Up from RosettaHealth. Each week, we will provide you with a summary of all the actionable news that hospitals, HIT vendors, ACOs, and population health providers need to be smart and effective when it comes to health information exchange.

HHS Wants Private Sector Input on Healthcare Innovation, Investment

Eric Hargan, Health and Human Services Deputy Secretary, is looking to foster high-level dialogue between HHS and the private sector in order to accelerate changes within the industry.

Data Standards, API Development Will Support Health Data Exchange

Shared data standards and industry-wide adoption of application programming interfaces (APIs) will be key to promoting improved health data exchange, according to a new study. 

IMAT Solutions Helps etHIN to Retrieve Medical Records for North Carolina Residents

etHIN worked with IMAT Solutions to enable an eHealth Exchange connection with North Carolina in preparation of Hurricane Florence. This allowed providers in East Tennessee to retrieve medical records for North Carolina residents who were seeking care after evacuation.

Cerner EHR Implementation to Support Behavioral Health at Spectrum

Spectrum Health & Human Services will launch a Cerner EHR implementation project through Cerner’s Community Behavioral Health deployment model to improve the mental and behavioral health of individuals throughout western New York. 

MEDITECH Invites App Developers to Boost EHR Interoperability

MEDITECH is launching an app development environment supported by APIs — including FHIR — to allow users and third-party developers to create apps that boost interoperability within Expanse EHR.

Achieving a Network-of-Networks with Health Data Standardization

With improvements in health data standardization, a nationwide network-of-networks could be only a few years away.

 Arguing the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in healthcare, sparking an ongoing debate about the ethical, clinical, and financial pros and cons of relying on algorithms for patient care.

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