The new Health Information Exchange Weekly News Round Up provides the news you need to be smart and effective when it comes to health information exchange.

HIE News Round Up: HL7 Releases FHIR 4.0; Interoperability in 2019; and Health IT Developers Seek to Understand Clinical Workflows

Welcome to the Health Information Exchange Weekly News Round Up from RosettaHealth. Each week, we will provide you with a summary of all the actionable news that hospitals, HIT vendors, ACOs, and population health providers need to be smart and effective when it comes to health information exchange.

 HL7 Releases FHIR Version 4.0 for Healthcare Interoperability

HL7 International has published the long-anticipated FHIR Release 4 (R4), allowing healthcare organizations to make new leaps forward in health data interoperability.

The Push for Interoperability Gains New Urgency in 2019

Now that most providers have implemented an electronic health or medical record system to comply with federal Meaningful Use requirements, the government has turned its attention to interoperability.

Improving Patient Safety Through Healthcare Interoperability

Achieving widespread healthcare interoperability should prove instrumental to reducing opioid-related overdoses and medical errors.

EHR Use Helps to Reduce Hospital Readmissions, Length of Stays

New research suggests hospitals engaging in EHR use to fulfill federal regulations achieve improvements in patient health outcomes.

Regenstrief Initiative to Boost Health Data Exchange for Research

A new initiative headed by the Regenstrief Institute aims to streamline health data exchange and access for improved medical research.

Health IT Developers Working to Understand Clinical Workflows

Health IT developers from Google, Apple, and other tech companies are working with clinicians to gain a better understanding of clinical workflows during app development. 

12 Trends That Will Dominate Healthcare IT in 2019

Health Data Management is offering these insights into the 12 trends that will dominate health IT in 2019.

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