Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth, recently authored an article for HITECH Answers that discusses how the “seven swans” from the 12 Days of Christmas ties into the future of health data exchange in 2019.

HITECH Answers: The Seven Swans and Health Data Exchange in 2019

Once again, I had the unique pleasure of participating in the 12 Days of Christmas content round up with our friends at HITECH Answers. This is one of my favorite opportunities because it offers a creative challenge: tying holiday themes into the idea of health data exchange.

This year, I was assigned the “Seven Swans a Swimming” guest article. Thankfully, swans symbolize grace and beauty – and there are many signs pointing to swan-like changes happening with regards to health data exchange.

Here are the seven swans of heath data exchange:

Swan #1 – The Amount of Records Moving is Dramatically Increasing

Swan #2 – Networks Are Expanding and Becoming Standardized

Swan #3 – Consumers Are Finally in the Game

Swan #4 – Public Health Reporting is Becoming Automated

Swan #5 – Health IT Becomes Agile and Less Monolithic

Swan #6 – Pricing is Coming Down Thanks to Commodization

Swan #7 – The Era of Cloud-Based Interoperability Transport is Simplifying and Expanding Exchange

You can read the full article here. We look forward to seeing these swans take flight in 2019! Happy holidays!


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