Hixny partners with Price Chopper/Market 32 to securely share prescription and immunization data from stores in the six states in which they operate.

Hixny Partners with Price Chopper/Market 32 to Enhance Pharmacy Data Exchange

In the HIE arena, there is an emerging trend of sharing health data outside of the traditional channels. For Hixny, the HIE serving northern New York state, this means expanding partnerships with pharmacies within leading super market chains.

Earlier this month, Hixny announced a collaboration that will connect Hixny’s HIE to the pharmacies within Price Chopper/Market 32. Though the agreement, the New York-based supermarket chain, with 82 pharmacies, will be first in the state to connect to the HIE and securely share prescription and immunization data from stores in the six states in which they operate.

“Knowing how critical pharmacy information is in helping patients to manage their health was the impetus for expanding our partnership with Hixny. As advocates for patient centered care, we believe that making prescription and immunization data securely accessible to health care providers via Hixny will close a big gap in patient care,” said Kathy Bryant, Price Chopper/Market 32’s Vice President of Pharmacy, in this press release.

Of the 82 Price Chopper pharmacies that are now contributing data through Hixny, 53 are located in New York, while 29 are spread across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

“Prescription and immunization information is a critical part of patient care,” said Hixny CEO Mark McKinney. “The partnership with Price Chopper pharmacies allows us to connect more people and providers with complete and up-to-date data. This is game-changing healthcare and we are pleased to be at the forefront of it.”

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For example, HASA, the non-profit, community HIE for North, South and West Texas, uses the RosettaHealth platform to enhance the exchange of patient health records to better allow healthcare providers in HASA’s network to have automated access to clinical patient information in real-time through their electronic health record.

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