Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth, discusses his recent article in Internet Health Management magazine.

Internet Health Management Magazine: Multi-Lingual Solutions for Effective Patient Data Transfer

When it comes to doing business internationally, global companies can only be successful when employees and teams effectively speak different languages, and understand the cultural differences in various regions around the globe.  

Likewise, if you want to move Health IT data between systems, today’s organizations need the right translator to make this possible. While this is not a problem of “language” per se, the issue is with systems not being able to effectively talk to each other. 

At a very basic level, these systems often don’t speak the same basic interfaces and protocols.  With the growing demand for clinical data, and the growing number of data sources – all of these systems need to communicate with each other if we want to use the data at clinical decision points.

What does it take to make sure that distinct systems, devices, facilities, and health communities can talk to each other?  While, there are a number of reasons for the “language” barriers, the most significant reason is that a diverse set of standards for the transfer of clinical data that have emerged over the years to address local needs, but no one standard addresses the global needs.

Thankfully, there’s now a new wave of cloud-based solutions that can serve as the next-generation “universal bus” for breaking down these language barriers through seamless clinical information exchange. These SaaS solutions can fully mitigate some of the biggest challenges of sharing electronic health records – data access and interoperability.

This was the key theme of a recent Internet Health Management article that was written by Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth. The article also highlighted the rise of Big Data in healthcare, and how there is a new way to speak multiple languages that makes patient data transport challenges a thing of the past.

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