It takes a village to break down health data interoperability barriers with everyone working in concert to enhance the quality of care and reduced costs.

It Takes a Village to Break Down HIT Interoperability Barriers

There seems to be no shortage of news in the health IT arena about patient data interoperability issues. From challenges with the ONC’s role in interoperability to CHIME and DirectTrust collaborating on solutions, there’s plenty of activity and opinions, but no real panacea.

The barriers often come down to systems not talking to each other, vendors forcing health exchange compromises on clinicians, and only focusing on health data exchange within an organization.

The new reality is that it takes a village to break down health data interoperability barriers. This means that vendors and hospital systems, ACOs, HIEs all need to work in concert to achieve the true goals of health data exchange: enhanced quality of care and reduced costs.

With regards to the RosettaHealth platform, we have seen customers take a hands-on approach where we ALL work together in a highly collaborative fashion to help best maximize our solution for effective health data exchange. The outcome is that these customers now live in a “post Interoperability era” where an entire village (metaphorically speaking) is getting down to the business of actually exchanging patient data effectively and securely.

A core driver of this is the solutions that are both easy to implement and are effective in foster health data exchange. Built on the premise of the ubiquitous movement of electronic medical records, the RosettaHealth platform breaks down interoperability barriers regardless of the system, standard and even the care setting.

However, we believe in a hands-on approach to ensuring that our customers are fully maximizing the RosettaHealth platform. When we all come together like a village, collectively we can achieve the ultimate goal, which is ubiquitous health data exchange with no barriers.

Do you have a health data exchange success story to share?  We want to hear from you, and will promote your story on the RosettaHealth blog!

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