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New Studies Indicate Rise of the Cloud for Health Information Exchange

With enhanced cost savings and more scalability, new cloud-based innovations are paving the way for a new frontier in health IT.   

Today’s cloud-based solutions provide a tremendous opportunity for seamlessly and securely accessing, engaging, and exchanging health data in real-time.  In addition, the rise of a wide-range of standards – including HL7 V2, REST, FHIR, XDR, XDS, XCA, NwHIN, and Direct Secure Messaging – is also driving the state of health data exchange today. 

For example, SaaS interoperability providers now offer a single interface to send, receive, and automatically update medical information, while also maintaining connections with the entire healthcare ecosystem. This will dramatically transform clinical records exchange by speaking the entire suite of standards-based protocols, and ultimately health data consumption. Many health providers are already leveraging these technologies.

In fact, according to a new HIMSS Analytics study, 34 percent of healthcare providers are currently using the cloud for health information exchange, and 41 percent have plans to use the cloud for this function in the very near future.

“Cloud solutions are an extension of a healthcare organization’s communications infrastructure and connecting to the cloud is as mission critical as the platform itself,” survey analysts found. “Connectivity should easily ‘scale up,’ as more applications are moved to the cloud or more compute cycles are accessed for analytics.”

This survey comes out on the heels of a new Frost & Sullivan study, which found that Big Data analytics and healthcare IT solutions are disrupting the industry and creating new growth opportunities.

“Data will become the new biology for tomorrow," said Siddharth Shah, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan. “The increasing number of information sources and information sharing among care teams, patients, families, providers, and payers is what will allow for better care coordination and advanced analytics that enable improved patient health outcomes.”

These themes support a recent Internet Health Management article by Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth, which highlighted the rise of Big Data in healthcare, and how today’s cloud-based solutions make patient data transport challenges a thing of the past.

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