It’s possible to make a New Years resolution to lose your health data exchange weight, and it’s much easier that going to the gym.

New Years Resolution: Lose That Health Data Exchange Weight

We have grown accustomed to health data exchange between organizations being difficult and expensive. For many hospitals, HIEs and vendors, it is simply the cost of doing business – and it’s something that can drag down any organization.

Thankfully, it’s possible to make a New Years resolution to lose this health data exchange weight, and it’s much easier that going to the gym every morning before work.

However, before we look at weight-loss solutions, let’s examine why today’s healthcare organizations are encumbered when it comes to health data exchange. As we highlighted in a recent HITECH Answers guest article, today’s patients have to contend with multiple portals, credentials and data at each provider they visit.

A big challenge is also that today’s many-to-many networks have had less impact and make data flow incredibly difficult. On top of this, most data exchange remains site-to-site with skilled staff and IT infrastructure needed.

Fortunately, there are data exchange weight-loss solutions that are much easier than living off of Bacon and butter, which is the foundation of the Silicon Valley favorite diet called “Keto.”

New technologies and cloud-platforms allow healthcare data exchange to be more scalable, more reliable, and more cost-effective. Most important, it requires a much lighter workload from your staff – freeing your tech organization up to be more strategic when it comes to innovation development.

For example, the RosettaHealth Platform, which moves more than 5 million health records a month, is bringing this vision to life. Our cloud-based solution enables organizations to exchange healthcare information safely, securely, and efficiently based on legislated and industry accepted interoperability standards.

And, really, we all know that New Years resolutions rarely ever work. However, when it comes to health data exchange, it is possible to start 2018 with a solution that will allow your healthcare organization to be slim, fit and happy.


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