MMIXray partners with Nitor Group to enable mobile radiology. Electronic orders and results possible through cloud platform

Washington, DC, July 10, 2016: Mobile Medical Imaging LLC (MMIXray), providing mobile medical imaging to non-acute care facilities, has partnered with Nitor Group, to enable their mobile radiology service to receive orders and send results to the provider’s EHRs using Nitor’s universal RosettaHealth platform.

Nitor’s RosettaHealth platform, a cloud-based medical information exchange that connects to virtually any health system, allows MMIXray to easily receive and send information directly to provider EHRs, -- allowing for faster communications, strong security and ease of use for providers.

“Most of the mobile radiology information is by fax. But this is cumbersome and inefficient for both us and our clients. We have physicians that want to order and have results within their EHR systems with little delay” explains Andy Diamond, president of Mobile Medical Imaging LLC. “We were looking for an easy, low-cost way to connect to different facilities and EHRs. Sending orders and results electronically makes the whole workflow better for both the physician and for us. The RosettaHealth platform was able to do this at a fraction of the cost of others we looked into.”

Setting up new exchanges of orders and health records can be quite costly. This has limited the use of electronic exchanges for many organizations. Now, with Nitor’s cloud-based “HealthBus”, connections are made easily and at low enough cost to enable new exchanges.

“Fax is inefficient and messy – but it’s cheap. Up until now, sending and receiving clinical data between organizations required significant expense,” says Buff Colchagoff, CEO of Nitor Group. “The RosettaHealth platform allows systems to securely talk to each other with much less effort and cost. This is enabling whole new scenarios of exchange that would have been too expensive before.”

MMIXray is using the RosettaHealth’s HealthBus to exchange records with provider’s using the McKesson EHR systems now, but other EHRs are being added as a service enhancement to MMIXray’s customers.

The CEO of Mobile Medical Imaging, Desmond Brown believes that the company is in a unique position as a Veteran certified Minority owned business “to partner with other forward looking companies to deliver a unique healthcare product to the consumer.”

About Mobile Medical Imaging LLC

Mobile Medical Imaging is a leader in the area of Portable Medical Diagnostic services including X-ray, Ultrasounds and EKGs to residents of Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Retirement Centers and Private Doctor’s offices. MMI also serves clients in corporate America, along with Prisons and other establishments needing on site Services. Mobile Medical Imaging uses state of the art technology and equipment to provide diagnostic testing quickly and efficiently.

About Nitor Group, Ltd.

Nitor Group, experts in health record interoperability, offers a cloud-based platform for exchanging medical records and messages. Nitor’s platform is used by EHRs, Hospitals, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), mobile health apps, and analytics vendors to easily move and route messages. The RosettaHealth platform is making electronic health record exchange affordable and ubiquitous. Currently, over one million health records move across the platform per month. The SaaS platform enables efficiencies, scale and ease not seen before in records exchange.

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