RosettaHealth Showcasing Power of Health Data Exchange "Community" at HIMSS 2019

For Second Year in a Row, RosettaHealth Brings Together a Diverse Cast of Startups, HIEs, and Vendors to Make Authentic Data Exchange Work

RosettaHealth, an innovative and secure, big health data interoperability platform, today announced that it will be hosting a “community” of organizations making true strides in breaking down health data exchange barriers at HIMSS 2019.

For the second year in a row, RosettaHealth will be joined by HASA, the community HIE for North, South and West Texas, FirePoint Studios, SocialClimb and Shatzkin Systems in HIMSS Booth #2193. The RosettaHealth Community booth will showcase how it takes a diverse cast of HIEs, vendors, and startups to make health data exchange truly work.

“Once again, we will be demonstrating how it takes a wider community of organizations to break down the barriers of health data exchange at the HIMSS conference,” said Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth. “Each of the organizations is on the forefront of developing, implementing, and leveraging solutions for advancing true health data interoperability.”

HASA is a long-term RosettaHealth partner that is enhancing the exchange of patient health records for providers in its network to have automated access to clinical patient information in real-time through their electronic health record.

“The RosettaHealth HIMSS Community booth provides a wide-range of tools, perspectives, and services, making us all part of this larger healthcare eco-system,” said Phil Beckett, Interim CEO at HASA, in this recent podcast interview. “We have to work together in symbiotic ways that drive improvements, and I would love to see this concept grow more at HIMSS.”

Since 1998, Shatzkin Systems has been on the forefront of helping HIEs, hospital systems (and more) to bridge the gap between IT and operations. The company is well known for helping organizations like Bronx RHIO embrace cloud-based systems for effective health data transport.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to interact with as many people as possible at the conference to expand our learnings when it comes to health data exchange,” said Nance Shatzkin, Founder of Shatzkin Systems, in this recent podcast interview. “And, I’ll just add we enjoy hanging out with our friends and colleagues at the RosettaHealth booth, which is also a big motivator for us.”

SocialClimb develops innovative systems that allow medical practices to gather customer feedback, enhance customer centric cultures, and power customer driven social marketing. The company is making tremendous strides in enabling providers to enhance their overall reputations, grow their practices, and better geo-target and acquire the most high-value patients.

SocialClimb is also using the RosettaHealth platform to streamline incoming patient data from large medical practices.

“RosettaHealth has been great for helping us to enhance our speed-to-market, and onboard new practices onto our platform,” said Ty Allen, CEO of SocialClimb, in this recent podcast interview. “With regards to HIMSS 2019, we look forward to participating, and adding to the RosettaHealth community by sharing ideas and bringing new opportunities.”

Rounding out the RosettaHealth 2019 Community booth is FirePoint Studios, which offers a wide-range of services including clinical and workflow process improvement; networking, hardware and cloud-based infrastructures; data integration and analysis; and EHR and systems interoperability.

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About RosettaHealth 
The RosettaHealth platform is making electronic health record exchange affordable and ubiquitous. Currently, more than two million health records move across the platform per month. The SaaS platform enables efficiencies, scale and ease not seen before in records exchange. For more information about RosettaHealth, please click here.