Nitor Group announces the release of RosettaHealth, an innovative, standards-based SaaS interoperability platform easing the movement of medical records.

Nitor Group Releases RosettaHealth — Dramatically Simplifying Movement of Medical Records


Press Release

WASHINGTON DC, February, 17, 2016

Nitor Group announces the release of RosettaHealth, an innovative, standards-based SaaS interoperability platform easing the movement of medical records across organization boundaries. RosettaHealth solves the barrier of negotiating different standards and interfaces moving medical records between healthcare organizations. RosettaHealth enables healthcare organizations to focus on ensuring medical records get into the hands of caregivers, leaving the connection, protocol routing and translation to RosettaHealth.

"We are thrilled to play an integral role in bringing stability to an unpredictable world, ensuring our clients are successful and more effective," said Buff Colchagoff, CEO of Nitor Group. “What sets RosettaHealth apart is the ease and “time-to-solution” with our platform.  Very complex exchange scenarios can be deployed in hours.”

RosettaHealth, a cloud-based SaaS platform built on national adopted interoperability standards, makes it easy to safely and securely send and receive medical records to wherever you need them. Providing a suite of tools to quickly and easily connect to healthcare systems, our platform leverages the nationwide Direct network, established by MU2, to provide easy access to clinical information. Whether using the MU2 mechanism used to refer patients, an XDR connection directly to a hospital, or other protocol, RosettaHealth provides easy integration, setup and management to effortlessly move medical records. This data includes structured information including patient demographics, care planning, conditions, medications, lab results and vitals, and any procedures performed. Using our simple REST API or our smart portal, your solution can be enabled in a matter of days.

Key product highlights:

  • HealthBus – cloud-based “universal bus” for health information
  • HISPDirect – Capable and easy-to-use DirectTrust accredited HISP
  • Event Notification Service – Manage care with notifications of events across care setting
  • Intake and Referral Portal – Bringing ease to referral management
  • Smart Portals – Simple, white labeled portals built around clinicians data needs and workflows

RosettaHealth is being used in scenarios including providing the mechanism for CDC’s Nationwide Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) public health reporting effort; transporting Admit, Discharge, Transfer information statewide in Michigan to payers; managing referrals within a care network; aggregating, normalizing, and providing real time access to from the BayCare Health System, Florida.


Nitor is a leader in the Healthcare IT industry and an experienced, innovative provider of interoperability solutions and advanced software development project services. An agile, results-oriented small business specializing in product development, consulting and software development services for complex domains (e.g., HIT) and problems (e.g., interoperability) with substantial experience in managing large-scale projects, including federal government's healthcare initiatives. Nitor is a pioneer in the healthcare exchange and interoperability domain leading the transition of the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) Exchange from trial implementation to full production, building and bring to market products and services based on NwHIN Direct Standards, and playing a critical role of facilitating the successful use of the NwHIN Exchange for Veterans Affairs achieving success with the VLER initiative. Nitor interoperability product offerings deployed and active in organizations ranging from public health reporting agencies, HIEs, EHRs, regional and community hospitals, innovative startups, and Big Data.

For more information on RosettaHealth, visit, on Facebook or follow @rosettahealth on Twitter.

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