The ONC recently released more than 100 comments on TEFCA Draft 2 from a wide-range of well-known organizations in the health data exchange arena.

ONC Releases Stakeholder Comments Regarding TEFCA

Over the last several weeks, the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) has risen to the top of the HIT news cycle. Much of this is driven by the ONC soliciting comments from stakeholders, including HIEs, hospitals, and public health agencies, regarding the second draft of TEFCA.

In fact, the ONC recently released more than 100 comments on TEFCA Draft 2 from many well-known organizations in the health data exchange arena. From SHIEC to CommonWell to HIMSS to the Sequoia Project and also companies like Epic, many of these comments point to industry concerns about overall interoperability.

“Comments were submitted by a wide range of stakeholders including: health information networks/exchanges, health professional societies, providers of health services, health information technology developers, hospitals, public health entities, health care payers, health care quality organizations, state entities, health care suppliers of services, and patient advocates,” stated ONC on its website.

As highlighted in this recent EHR Intelligence article, the overall feedback was mostly positive. However, several organizations suggested policies and timelines in the second TEFCA draft may prove overly burdensome for EHR vendors, healthcare providers, and HIE leaders.

In a recent RosettaHealth blog post, we noted that the more critical feedback focused on how government is doing too much too quickly with the relatively abbreviated timeline of TEFCA implementation and its accompanying administrative burden. Many also believe that it’s not fully clear how the ONC will incentivize participation given TEFCA's voluntary nature, and how it will weigh privacy concerns versus giving patient access to their own health data.

The ONC also stated on its website that it will be updating the Trusted Exchange Framework, the Minimum Required Terms and Conditions, and the QHIN Technical Framework based on comments received by the deadline. Click here to see all of the comments.

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