RosettaHealth can help your organization take advantage of a simple, affordable, one-stop solution for clinical information sharing in a community.

Patient Data Sharing Drives Outcomes for Community-Based Health

From hospitals and ambulatory practices to post-acute care facilities and home health, the ability to effectively share patient data is driving better health outcomes in community care settings.

A new report from AcademyHealth, in partnership with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), supports this concept by showing how access to patient data is reinforcing community-led efforts to address health disparities in specific populations.

According to a FierceHealthcare article, the report shows that data capture, exchange, and use were a central feature for the majority of the programs highlighted. These include the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid’s (CMS) Accountable Health Communities, Alignment for Health Equity and Development (AHEAD), Community Health Peer Learning, and many others.

Here’s one of the key conclusions from the report:

Evidence suggests that lasting improvements in population health depend on enhanced collaboration on common objectives, more porous boundaries for information exchange, and across-the-board accountability for meaningful change. Encouraging the capture, exchange, and use of data to drive decision-making at a level beyond organizational silos is an increasingly important component of needed change.

While this report is encouraging from a patient data sharing perspective, the reality is that care coordination across the community has many barriers. This is why RosettaHealth launched its CommunityCONNECT offering at HIMSS 2017.

This highly cost-effective new solution breaks down data sharing barriers by providing easy access to patient information everywhere. CommunityCONNECT ultimately improves the ability to manage care across facilities, and better analyze the data to see trends and improve outcomes.

CommunityCONNECT uses RosettaHealth's HealthBus technology, which connects with all health protocols – allowing facilities to remove the limitations that come from standard vendor connectivity options.

To learn more about how to take advantage of a simple, affordable, one-stop solution for clinical information sharing in a community, please contact RosettaHealth here.

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