In this RosettaHealth podcast, David Johnson, the General Manager for SocialClime, highlights how RosettaHealth is helping SocialClime access patient data.

PODCAST: RosettaHealth Helps SocialClime to Transform Online Reputation Management for Medical Practices

In the following RosettaHealth podcast interview, David Johnson, the General Manager for SocialClime, discusses how his organization is transforming online reputation management for many medical practices throughout the U.S. He also highlights how RosettaHealth is helping SocialClime to best access and leverage patient data.

Much like many consumer-facing industries, today’s healthcare arena has to contend with online patient reviews. One bad review can live forever online, while a positive review can enable a virtuous cycle, which can provide a great business boost for an entire medical practice.

Since 2014, SocialClime has been developing innovative systems that allow medical practices to gather customer feedback, enhance customer centric cultures and power customer driven social marketing. The solution enables happy patients – in as little a 30 seconds – to provide positive review about a medical practice through Yelp, Google, Vitals, Facebook, and Healthgrades.

SocialClime recently entered into a partnership with RosettaHealth to help manage the flow of patient data coming in from larger medical practices. Prior to partnering with RosettaHealth, SocialClime had to deal with vast amounts of non-normalized data that came in at random intervals. 

Now, with RosettaHealth, SocialClime can easily access and leverage the patient data in a secure and compliant manner – whether it's a HL7 integration, flat-file data or even email attachments.   

“RosettaHealth has helped us move from a messy data solution and transfer model into a more standardized and simplified model,” said Johnson in this podcast. “It’s cut down on our lead time to get a practice up and running on our system, and I believe it has helped cut down on our costs, which is a great benefit.”

For more information on SocialClime, please click here. If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can ease the movement of electronic medical records across any organizational boundary, please contact RosettaHealth here.

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