Executives from Stelligent Systems discuss how they designed a new infrastructure platform for RosettaHealth, which will help meet expanded customer usage.

PODCAST: Stelligent Enhances the Power of the RosettaHealth Platform

In the following RosettaHealth podcast interview, Chuck Dudley, VP of Services, and Jeffrey Dugas, DevOps Automation Engineer, both at Stelligent Systems, discuss how they designed an infrastructure platform with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for RosettaHealth. This will allow the RosettaHealth platform to be more powerful and effective.


When it comes the evolution of the RosettaHealth platform, the ability to allow organizations to exchange healthcare information safely, securely, and efficiently based on legislated and industry accepted interoperability standards is always paramount.

As the platform now moves more than 5 million health records a month, the RosettaHealth team is always looking for ways to enhance its solutions to best meet this expanded demand.

Through a partnership with Stelligent, a Division of Hosting, the RosettaHealth platform will be upgraded with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) using Lifecycles for storage and Amazon Redshift for analytics. This new back-end platform was designed to match business needs with HIPAA security and do so in a scalable, cost-effective manner.

Ultimately, this will allow RosettaHealth to effectively scale to meet the health data exchange needs of hospitals, HIT vendors, ACOs, and population health providers, and much more.

Here are some additional key highlights from this interview:

  • About Stelligent, and its solutions in the healthcare arena. (:43)
  • How Stelligent is designing RosettaHealth’s new back-end infrastructure platform. (1:41)
  • How this new platform will help match RosettaHealth’s business needs with HIPAA security – while also being scalable and cost-effective. (2:55)
  • How this new platform will help RosettaHealth be more powerful and be capable of being able to manage its rapid growth and usage. (6:33)
  • Final thoughts and insights about Stelligent for healthcare (8:00)

Click here to download the full Stelligent/RosettaHealth case study.

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