In the following RosettaHealth podcast panel, we speak with HIE executives from HASA, HealtHIE Nevada, and the Bronx RHIO in advance of SHIEC 2019.

PODCAST: Three HIE Leaders Discuss Health Data Exchange Opportunities and Challenges in Advance of SHIEC 2019

In the following RosettaHealth podcast panel, we speak with Phil Beckett, CEO of HASA; Michael Gagnon, Executive Director of HealtHIE Nevada; and Nance Shatzkin, Founder of Shatzkin Systems (who also serves as the CIO and CISO of the Bronx RHIO), who all share their perspectives on the state of health data exchange in advance of the 2019 Annual SHIEC Conference.

With SHIEC 2019 coming up on August 18th at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, the topic of health data exchange in the HIE arena has become top-of-mind in the news cycle.

The RosettaHealth team had the unique privilege of speaking directly with these three HIE leaders to gain a full understanding of the challenges, opportunities and what the future holds for this specialized sector.

In this exclusive podcast, the HIE leaders discuss everything from how alerts and analytics are becoming more vital, to the need to streamline CCDs to give providers only the relevant patient data they need, to data sharing with payers and strategies for enhancing population health.

Following are the key highlights of this special podcast panel:

  • An overview of HASA, HealtHIE Nevada, and the Bronx RHIO, their programs, and the populations they serve. (:50)
  • Why alerts and analytics are vital – beyond patient portals -- and why HIEs need to streamline CCDs. (2:43)
  • Insights into new programs and efforts happening at each of these HIEs. (8:34)
  • What each of these HIE leaders hopes to achieve at SHIEC 2019. (14:35)
  • Parting words from each of these podcast panel participants. (21:27)

The RosettaHealth team will be attending the conference in booth #603, and has a long history of helping HIEs to best advance their missions through improved connectivity and efficiency in health data exchange.

To learn more about how RosettaHealth can assist with any health information challenges you might have, book a time to come see us at SHIEC 2019.

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