Looking for a health information exchange paradise? Fortunately, cloud-base interoperability platforms can put these efforts into

Ready to Enter Health Information Exchange Paradise?

In the healthcare interoperability arena, health information exchange can sometimes seem daunting: systems don’t talk to each other, vendors promise and then delay, and there's no single solution to the entire mess.

For many hospital systems, it’s been a regular Dante’s Inferno.

To get out of such a hell, some hospitals are standardizing on one EHR vendor across all care settings. While this handles exchange within the organization, it still leaves exchange outside the organization as a problem. Moving to a single vendor also can have a high price tag, as well as force compromises on clinicians.

Many EHRs have been put in the firing line of sight for failing to deliver promised data portability in electronic health records. But the issue is complex, and should one EHR be responsible for being interoperable with all others?

Adding to the fire, demands from payers, and regulations in MIPS and Meaningful Use are increasing the need for exchanging of health records.

Wouldn’t it be great if health information exchange were a paradise – where it’s almost like relaxing on a beach, and having a cabana boy always there to dutifully serve your information exchange needs?

Amazingly, the reality is “yes, there is such a paradise.” When merging a singular focus on health information exchange with a flexible cloud-base interoperability platform that adapts to each system – you end up with an interoperable “cabana boy” – a supremely competent agent satisfying your needs.

The RosettaHealth platform was built on the premise of the ubiquitous movement of electronic medical records – no boundaries, regardless of systems, standards, or care setting. We focus exclusively on health information exchange, and seamlessly work with all EHR vendors – whether it’s for ambulatory or inpatient settings.

The platform started exchanging records in 2012, and we now moved more than 2 million records per month. Our cost-effective, cloud solution is being embraced by a wide-range of hospitals, HIT vendors, ACOs, and population health providers. The platform is also providing the infrastructure for public health efforts like CDC’s Nationwide Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) reporting effort.

Once health information exchange was considered one of the biggest HIT challenges. Today, it’s possible to put these efforts into “permanent vacation” mode by embracing the right cloud-based solutions that allow for ubiquitous health information exchange.


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