The new era of commoditized cloud-based big health data transport will fully come at HIMSS 2018 with the launch of RosettaHealth’s HealthBus 2.0 platform.

RosettaHealth Launches Enhanced Big Data HealthBus 2.0 Platform HIMSS 2018 

The new era of commoditized cloud-based big health data transport will fully come to life next week. At HIMSS 2018 in Booth #11418, RosettaHealth will be introducing its HealthBus 2.0 platform, which transports any health records or events at scale.

Using an innovative SaaS approach, this platform allows big health data exchange to occur over wide geographic areas at a fraction of the cost and effort of traditional methods.

“By commoditizing health data exchange, we are helping care managers, HIEs, population health efforts and payers to easily access patient data not just at one facility, or across one EHR, but across entire communities or larger geographic areas,” said Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth. “We believe that the new era of big health data exchange is upon us, and we are excited to be highlighting this new paradigm shift at HIMSS 2018.”

The high throughput platform currently moves more than 5 million health records per month. HealthBus 2.0 expands on this foundation, adding capabilities that big health data consumers need:

  • Full HIE Capabilities: No other software, hosting or organizations necessary – send and receive all standardized exchange formats, such as IHE (push, query-retrieve), HL7 VPNs, Direct messaging, FHIR, etc.
  • Real-Time Network Analytics: Detailed connection status, throughput, metrics and logs about each facility, feed or protocol.
  • 99 Percent uptime guarantee.
  • Commoditized pricing -- 50 percent less cost than other solutions.
  • Easy online access to all bus messages and records, now and in the past.
  • Lightening fast integration to facilities in hours.

RosettaHealth recently announced that nearly 25 percent of the 46 million DirectTrust network transactions in Q3 2017 were transited on its health data exchange platform. And that number is growing fast. In September alone, nearly 5.5 million Direct messages were sent or received using RosettaHealth’s HealthBus platform.

“Today’s care organizations no longer need to struggle with the complexity of hosted interoperability solutions,” added Colchagoff. “You can gain more capability and reduced your labor and direct costs of exchanging data by using our cloud-based platform.

Visit our HealthBus 2.0 landing page here, and book an appointment at HIMSS 2018 with the RosettaHealth team to learn more.

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