RosettaHealth has a long history in the Michigan health data exchange arena, and will be participating in the upcoming Connecting Michigan for Health, taking place June 6-8th at the Lansing Center.

RosettaHealth Participating in Connecting Michigan for Health 2018

For the past 10 years, Connecting Michigan for Health has played a key role in advancing health data exchange in the state by gathering key thought leaders and change makers to discuss new innovations and strategies.

As a result, health data exchange in Michigan is succeeding with statewide health information exchange being transformed from an idea into action through a series of collaborative successes and milestones.

This year’s event is taking place June 6-8th at the Lansing Center. RosettaHealth is participating as an Exhibitor Sponsor.

RosettaHealth has a long history in the Michigan health data exchange arena, and has helped MiHIN move health records since 2012. As one of MiHIN’s vendors, RosettaHealth moves almost 2 million health records monthly for medical reconciliation, immunization and other use cases.

At the event, RosettaHealth will be showcasing how cloud-based health data transport platforms can help Michigan-based care organizations move any health records or events at scale – allowing health data exchange in Michigan at a fraction of the cost and effort of traditional methods.

RosettaHealth launched its new HealthBus 2.0 solution this spring, which fully commoditizes health data exchange efforts, and ushers in a new era of big health data transport. This solution allows care managers, HIEs, population health efforts and payers to easily access patient data not just at one facility, or across one EHR, but across entire communities or larger geographic areas.

Now, care organizations in Michigan don’t have to struggle with the complexity and cost of hosted interoperability solutions. RosettaHealth’s cloud platform enables organizations to exchange healthcare information safely, securely, and efficiently using any industry exchange standards including HL7 v2, Direct, IHE standards, Commonwell, Carequality, FHIR, and others.

The RosettaHealth team originally worked closely with the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) defining and deploying standards, creating reference implementations, and establishing the fabric of interoperability that is expanding across the industry today.

Be sure to stop by the RosettaHealth Booth to learn more about how to advance health data exchange efforts with the most cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions.

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