The RosettaHealth platform allows care organizations to get access to the right data when and where they need it.

RosettaHealth Platform: Easy Access and Sharing of Health Data

When it comes to the sharing of health data, one of the biggest challenges that care organizations face is getting access to the right data when and where they need it. All too often, barriers get in the way, leading to the question of “I just want the data – is that too much to ask?”

Also, with many health data sharing vendors in the marketplace, it can be challenging to find the right partner who can take the pain and effort out of getting the health data the way you want it.

Fortunately, the RosettaHealth platform operates as a “universal translator” of health data transport protocols. This cloud-based SaaS platform is built on national adopted interoperability standards, and makes it easy to safely and securely send and receive medical records to wherever you need them.

The platform leverages emerging standards and Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) to move clinical data in and out of any EHR – with a common interface bus. This opens up a world of possibility to hospitals, urgent and post-acute care systems, and ambulatory practices, including:

  • Use of any health information tools, not just EHRs approved components,
  • Easily share clinical information with any system in any community,
  • Enable analytics for population health and managed care.

Tired of all the different and constantly changing data standards? Our platform makes it possible to map your data into the protocols that best serve your needs – no matter what the standards or regulators dictate. In addition to mapping your data, the RosettaHealth platform is extremely easy to scale, manage and version test without any changes to integrations.

Finally, it is possible to consume the data how you want through easy data ingestion and integrate and be operational in days with a wide area of options including REST API, XDR, SMTP POP, portals, or a web browser.

The RosettaHealth team will be attending the 2019 Annual SHIEC Conference, where we will be showcasing how our platform can help HIEs to enhance their overall health data exchange efforts. Please contact us below if you would like to schedule a time to meet at the conference.

To learn more about how RosettaHealth can assist with any health information challenges you might have, book a free consultation with one of our interoperability experts.

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