A deep-dive look at some of the HHS Health Center Quality Improvement Grant recipients that are leading the way when it comes to health data sharing

Spotlight on HHS Health Center Quality Improvement Grant Awardees

Last month, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that nearly $105 million has been awarded to 1,333 health centers in the U.S. as an investment in quality improvement, building upon their 2016 achievements. 

The goal of this investment is for these community health centers to further improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the health care they deliver. While many of these community health centers are using this funding for improvements, the reality is that many are already making tremendous strides when it comes to sharing health data.

As such, we wanted to provide a deep-dive look at some of the HHS grant recipients that are leading the way when it comes to sharing patient data.

  • Petaluma Health Center: Based in Petaluma, California, this health center has already captured the local media’s attention for being very data driven, and mining patient health records on a daily basis.
  • Sunrise Community Health: From patient satisfaction surveys to its patient portal and many other online resources, Sunrise Community Health in Colorado is part of the North Colorado Health Alliance, which is dedicated to enhancing the overall health of the population in the region.
  • Coastal Community Health: Located in coastal Georgia, this facility is enhancing its Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiatives, and has a robust patient portal.
  • Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems: With six locations in southwest Virginia, this health system has already made tremendous strides with its secure patient portal, and patient-centered care
  • Mountain Laurel Medical Center: Based in Oakland, Maryland, this healthcare center will use the grant to further enhance its infrastructure to improve overall primary care service delivery.
  • Big Sandy Healthcare: Located in eastern Kentucky, this facility has been committed to providing access to quality care in the region since 1974. It also offers a comprehensive patient portal for scheduling appointments, viewing lab results, re-filling prescriptions and more. 
  • Central Florida Health Care: This community health center was founded in 1972 to address critical gaps in health care identified by the agricultural community. Today, the organization is further meeting this mission by enhancing care with its secure patient portal.

Congratulations to all of the HHS Health Center Quality Improvement Grant Awardees recipients! In addition, RosettaHealth’s CommunityCONNECT is a simple, affordable, one-stop solution for clinical information sharing in a community – allowing these recipients to further meet their missions of providing enhanced care.

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