The ONC’s Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC) is making health data interoperability a priority in 2019, and here’s RosettaHealth’s perspective on the state of health data exchange today and tomorrow.

Tackling Health Data Interoperability in 2019

The ONC’s Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC) recently released its annual working group update, which had a heavy focus on tackling today’s interoperability challenges.

As one of its priority target areas, HITAC found that interoperability remains fragmented and uneven, and that work is underway to identify priority uses of health IT and associated standards.

To meet these challenges, HITAC will “further measure whether systems are truly interoperable at both content and transport levels after implementation, especially among smaller practices and by patients.”

In a recent HITECH Answers guest article, Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth, addressed health data exchange challenges and opportunities – underlying many of the key items highlighted by the ONC.

For example, the amount of health records that are moving has dramatically increased. During the first quarter of 2018, DirectTrust saw health data exchange transactions hit 47.8 million, an increase of approximately 90 percent over the same timeframe in 2017. The types of exchanges are also expanding – moving outside their seminal “transitions of care.”

He also noted how other networks are accelerating health data transport. The CommonWell and Carequality partnership is becoming a significantly represented network where providers can query and retrieve electronic health records for others regardless of which vendor they use.

Finally, the cloud-based interoperability transport is simplifying and expanding exchange. At the beginning of this decade, locally hosted interoperability solutions made connections to exchange partners and networks expensive and complex.

Today’s cloud-based platforms have matured exchange technologies to the point where connectivity is fast, simple, and sold as a service, rather than a local IT resource. These cloud-based solutions allow transactions to scale with little effort. 

While interoperability remains a key challenge, there are solutions that are breaking down the barriers of health data exchange. To learn more, please check out our new video about how RosettaHealth can connect the whole world of healthcare.

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