Last week, the Sequoia Project launched a new work group as part of its Interoperability Matters cooperative centered on addressing information blocking.

The Sequoia Project’s New Working Group Focuses on Information Blocking

According to the ONC, information blocking occurs when a person or entity – typically a health care provider, IT developer, or EHR vendor – knowingly and unreasonably interferes with the exchange and use of electronic health information.

To further tackle this issue, last month the agency unveiled its 724-page information blocking rule (PDF), and CMS released a proposed rule (PDF). While the AMA and other organizations are asking for an extension on the comment period of this rule, the Sequoia Project is also addressing this issue.

Last week, the organization launched a new work group as part of its Interoperability Matters cooperative centered on addressing information blocking. According to EHR Intelligence, the workgroup is comprised of public and private stakeholders focused on discussing, evaluating, and commenting on the proposed information blockings published by ONC.

“We’ve seen a seismic shift towards greater interoperability in the past three years,” said Sequoia Project CEO Mariann Yeager, in the EHR Intelligence article. “True, meaningful interoperability is expanding and hospitals and health systems across the country are beginning to share health records at an unprecedented level. But we can’t declare victory yet considering there are still barriers, including the practices that are perceived to impede information sharing.”

Last year, Yeager participated in a RosettaHealth podcast interview where she shared her vision for breaking down today’s barriers of health data exchange.

“There are a number of challenges, which we actually look at as opportunities for enhancing interoperability,” said Yeager in the podcast interview. “We are seeing great promise for interoperability, and we are starting to see tangible benefits of health data exchange. In addition, by focusing on real-world implementation approaches, and making health IT really work across industry and government, we can collectively meet these challenges.”

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