Care organizations are starting to be inundated with massive amounts of patient data, and thankfully the RosettaHealth platform can help.

Too Much Health Data? The RosettaHealth Platform Scales for Any Data Deluge Challenge

According to a recent Search Health IT article, advances in data interoperability are causing care organizations to be inundated with massive amounts of patient data. And as consumers continue to seek more access to their health data, this challenge will significantly increase.

The article also highlights how organizations like the CommonWell Health Alliance are making healthcare data from different systems available on a vendor-neutral network to patients and providers. Listen to our recent podcast with Jitin Asnaani, Executive Director of the CommonWell, here.

While these advances in health data exchange can be seen as challenges, dealing with more excessive amounts of data does not need to be difficult. This epic rise in data presents great opportunities such as improving patient care, reducing hospital readmissions, managing costs, and helping to develop new treatments.

Thankfully, the RosettaHealth platform is built to scale and is standardizes to consume as much data as needed for providers, HIEs, ACOs, hospitals, payers, and post acute-care facilities.

For example, the SAAS-based HealthBus solution is built on a load-balancing cloud platform, and scales transparently – without any changes to integrations. HealthBus also provides a real-time portal interface to view service status, uptime history, and message metrics, as well as API and portal access to audit logs and bandwidth data. And, you only pay for the bandwidth you use.

HealthBus also leverages emerging standards and Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) to move clinical data in and out of any EHR in the land – all through a common interface bus.

With the health data floodgates being opened up, care organizations can easily move any amount of data through today’s scalable solutions. This will ultimately make the vision of health data interoperability come fully to life.

To learn more about how RosettaHealth can assist with any health information challenges you might have, book a free consultation with one of our interoperability experts.

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