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DirectTrust Sees Direct Exchange Transactions Increased By 54 Million, a Nearly 49 Percent Jump

Fueled by a migration of message transmissions to its Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle, and a broader use of its network, DirectTrust recently reported record growth in the number of DirectTrust network users, addresses and transactions during the first quarter of 2019.

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PODCAST: Dr. David C. Kibbe, President and CEO of DirectTrust, Discusses the Future of Health Data Exchange

In the following RosettaHealth podcast, Dr. David C. Kibbe, DirectTrust’s President and Chief Executive Officer, discusses the past, present and future of health data exchange, and how his organization continues to successfully drive the secure, interoperable communication of healthcare messaging and attachments.

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Hospitals: Relief for Meaningful Use Stage 3 Requirements

“We are dismayed that CMS does not propose relief from unrealistic and unachievable Stage 3 reporting requirements that begin on Jan. 1, 2018.”

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For HIT Exchange, Should Your Head be in the Clouds?

With the incentives in recent years for creating digital healthcare data there are more opportunities than ever to share, exchange and use that data in innovative solutions. These solutions have a lot of promise including improving patient care, managing costs, and helping develop new treatments. However, even though the data may be digital, there is still a major barrier. Actually getting to and/or moving the data remain difficult. (Ok I know that the quality/computability of the data can also be an issue but that is a topic for a different time). The problem usually boils down to the fact the data lives in any number of different systems and managed by different organizations. And though there have been standards around healthcare IT for decades, the actual adoption and/or implementation of those standards had been anything but.

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