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Column Health: Cutting-Edge Substance Use Treatment to Tackle Opioid Crisis

According to the CDC, there have been more than 700,000 drug overdose deaths in the U.S. from 1999 to 2017. In addition, 68 percent of drug overdoses in the U.S. involved a opioid.

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Better Day Health: ONC Certification and the Next Wave of EHR Era Applications

With a vision of reinventing the relationship between healthcare providers and their antiquated EHR software, Better Day Health provides interoperability and workflow-optimization solutions that represent the next wave of EHR era applications.

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Healthcare Practice Partners: Next-Gen Revenue Cycle Management for Individual Health Practices

Established in 2005, Health Care Practice Partners (HCPP) has evolved into being a premier provider of revenue cycle management for individual health practices. The company’s services and technology solutions help practices to achieve more profits and enhance overall medical reimbursements.

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Oxbow EMR:  The First Un-EMR Designed by Physicians for Physicians

With a vision that practicing physicians should be able to focus on patients, not paperwork and administration, Oxbow has created EMR offering that is unique in the marketplace: the very first un-EMR.

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PODCAST: Health Information Exchange Not Slowing Down with Meaningful Use Stage 3 Delay

In the following RosettaHealth podcast interview, Buff Colchagoff, CEO of RosettaHealth, discusses how hospitals can best overcome the challenges that come with meeting the new Meaningful Use Stage 3 (MU3) information exchange reporting requirements.

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Ready to Enter Health Information Exchange Paradise?

In the healthcare interoperability arena, health information exchange can sometimes seem daunting: systems don’t talk to each other, vendors promise and then delay, and there's no single solution to the entire mess.

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The Coming Revolution in Health Data — Ubiquity

In 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  A bone scan indicated that the cancer may have metastasized to the bone. A surgery was scheduled to remove and biopsy part of a rib in question.  The surgeon was to review the bone scan before surgery, but he didn’t. That information didn’t get to him, and he removed another part of my rib.

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Nitor Group Releases RosettaHealth — Dramatically Simplifying Movement of Medical Records


Press Release

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