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Better Day Health: ONC Certification and the Next Wave of EHR Era Applications

With a vision of reinventing the relationship between healthcare providers and their antiquated EHR software, Better Day Health provides interoperability and workflow-optimization solutions that represent the next wave of EHR era applications.

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Oxbow EMR:  The First Un-EMR Designed by Physicians for Physicians

With a vision that practicing physicians should be able to focus on patients, not paperwork and administration, Oxbow has created EMR offering that is unique in the marketplace: the very first un-EMR.

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Genotox Laboratories: A Leader in Toxicology And Pharmacogenetic Services

Founded in 2012, Genotox Laboratories offers actionable toxicology and pharmacogenetic services that provide enhanced medication monitoring and personalized medicine offerings to care providers.

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Nitor Group Releases RosettaHealth — Dramatically Simplifying Movement of Medical Records


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