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HealtHIE Nevada Reducing Hospital Readmissions Through Coordinated Care Management

Last year, the State of Nevada had the second highest hospital readmission rate in the country with 15.6 percent of Medicare enrollees over the age of 65 readmitted 30 days after hospital discharge.

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Cureatr: Leading Mobile Real-Time Healthcare Information Provider

Founded in 2011, Cureatr is a rising provider of mobile real-time healthcare information, connecting patient data that exists outside of the electronic medical record. Using the company’s solutions, providers and clinicians can have a more complete picture of the patient – allowing them to take real action to deliver better care.

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Genotox Laboratories: A Leader in Toxicology And Pharmacogenetic Services

Founded in 2012, Genotox Laboratories offers actionable toxicology and pharmacogenetic services that provide enhanced medication monitoring and personalized medicine offerings to care providers.

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Edison Healthcare:  Bringing Quality Patient Care and Lower Costs for Employers

The healthcare arena is clearly highly complex for both employers and individual patients. Often patients are subjected to unnecessary tests that can lead to a misdiagnosis and hinder the ability to provide quality care – all compounding overall costs.

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PODCAST: Founder of Shatzkin Systems Discusses Future of Health Data Exchange

In the following RosettaHealth podcast interview, Nance Shatzkin, founder of Shatzkin Systems, discusses her company’s work in the healthcare arena with regards to health data exchange, and much more.

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HIT Consultant: Data Block is the Leading Cause of Death for Digital Health Startups

Even as funding has accelerated for digital health startups, a 2015 report from Accenture forecasted that half of digital startups are likely to fail within two years of launch. 

Unfortunately, this is a reality that digital health startups – originally willing, and eager to revolutionize the healthcare industry with your groundbreaking products and/or services in 2015 – are now facing in 2017.

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The Coming Revolution in Health Data — Ubiquity

In 2010 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  A bone scan indicated that the cancer may have metastasized to the bone. A surgery was scheduled to remove and biopsy part of a rib in question.  The surgeon was to review the bone scan before surgery, but he didn’t. That information didn’t get to him, and he removed another part of my rib.

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