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HITECH Answers: The Seven Swans and Health Data Exchange in 2019

Once again, I had the unique pleasure of participating in the 12 Days of Christmas content round up with our friends at HITECH Answers. This is one of my favorite opportunities because it offers a creative challenge: tying holiday themes into the idea of health data exchange.

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Valetude: Filling a Market Need for Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

According to a recent Black Book study, more than one-quarter of U.S. hospitals do not have an effective healthcare revenue cycle management solution in place.

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CAREiQ: Refining Healthcare Intelligence for Better Patient Outcomes

As data in the healthcare arena continues to increase in volume, optimizing all data sets to focus on the best patient outcomes is an ongoing challenge.

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Direct Health Delivery: Advocating for a More Direct Interaction Between Patients and Physicians

A core tenet of enhancing care quality is to foster a more direct interaction between patients and providers.

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Interoperability and Health Data Exchange Key Topics at ONC 2018 Annual Meeting

On November 29-30, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is hosting its 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

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TokenEx: Advancing Tokenization for Healthcare by Eliminating Data Theft Risk and Reducing Compliance Costs

While tokenization is widely used in the payment security arena, it is also very applicable to the healthcare arena.

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OMNY: Timely Data Access in a Cost-Efficient and Actionable Manner

In the healthcare arena, the rise of data can help transform overall care and reduce overall costs. One of the key challenges, however, is best managing the growing tsunami of data out there, and translating that into actionable insights for both care and operational efforts.

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Cureatr: Leading Mobile Real-Time Healthcare Information Provider

Founded in 2011, Cureatr is a rising provider of mobile real-time healthcare information, connecting patient data that exists outside of the electronic medical record. Using the company’s solutions, providers and clinicians can have a more complete picture of the patient – allowing them to take real action to deliver better care.

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Care 24/7: Creating a Concierge-Like Customer Service Experience for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Founded in 2014, Care 24/7 creates a concierge-like customer service experience for patients with chronic conditions. The company achieves this vision through its high touch systems, wellness coordinators, and state-of-the-art call centers.

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The Health Exchange Market: Pioneering a New Way to Exchange Raw Health Data

Launched in 2017, the Health Exchange Market (T.H.E.M.) marketplace allows buyers and sellers of de-identified health data to conduct transactions directly using a single platform.

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