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NuMedics: Empowering Patients with Chronic Disease Management Software

Chronic disease management has become a key priority in the healthcare industry. Unlike traditional treatments – where a doctor prescribes a medicine and the patient goes on their way – chronic disease management requires a lifetime of hands-on care by patients and providers.

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Recon Strategy:  Addressing Business Strategy and Innovation in Healthcare

With transformative changes in the roles of traditional healthcare stakeholders, including payers and providers, employers, government and consumers, care organizations need the right business growth strategies to remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

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Big Data in Healthcare: The Final Roadblock is Failing

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Precision Medicine to the Internet of Things (IoT), there are plenty of discussions about Big Data in the Healthcare arena these days. Clearly, these are exciting times.

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Is Your Health Data Appetite Bigger Than Your Mouth?

As with any industry sector, there has been a tremendous rise in the volume of data in the healthcare arena – with many drivers for this increasing tidal wave of health information.

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