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Firepoint Studios: Creative Idea and IT Outcomes Generators in Healthcare

It takes a very creative, agile and lean organization to solve some of the most pressing health IT challenges – such as enhancing platform consolidation and EHR analytics, developing sound provider-patient interfaces, and helping care organizations meet ever-expanding regulatory compliance.

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Examples of How “It Takes a Village” to Enhance HIT Interoperability

It’s no secret that breaking down the barriers of health data interoperability is a major challenge in the healthcare arena. While there is often confusion about the true reasons for today’s health data sharing issues, there is an approach that can provide clarity, and basically change everything.

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HIT Consultant: Data Block is the Leading Cause of Death for Digital Health Startups

Even as funding has accelerated for digital health startups, a 2015 report from Accenture forecasted that half of digital startups are likely to fail within two years of launch. 

Unfortunately, this is a reality that digital health startups – originally willing, and eager to revolutionize the healthcare industry with your groundbreaking products and/or services in 2015 – are now facing in 2017.

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Is Your Health Data Appetite Bigger Than Your Mouth?

As with any industry sector, there has been a tremendous rise in the volume of data in the healthcare arena – with many drivers for this increasing tidal wave of health information.

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Going from “Good to Great” in the HIT Interoperability Arena

What is the connection between the classic business book, “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap ... and Others Don't” and HIT Interoperability?  

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HIT Consultant: A Modern Industrial Revolution -- Electronic Health Information Connectivity

The industrial revolution shaped life as we know it today.  Historic inventors, explorers, and entrepreneurs paved the way to economic and social transformation during the end of the Eighteenth Century through the middle of the Nineteenth Century. 

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