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RosettaHealth Platform: Easy Access and Sharing of Health Data

When it comes to the sharing of health data, one of the biggest challenges that care organizations face is getting access to the right data when and where they need it. All too often, barriers get in the way, leading to the question of “I just want the data – is that too much to ask?”

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Edison Healthcare:  Bringing Quality Patient Care and Lower Costs for Employers

The healthcare arena is clearly highly complex for both employers and individual patients. Often patients are subjected to unnecessary tests that can lead to a misdiagnosis and hinder the ability to provide quality care – all compounding overall costs.

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Health Data Analytics Providers: Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Cloud-Based Interoperability

In the health data analytics arena, providing data  accessibility, analysis, and reporting to a wide-range of healthcare organizations is paramount. However, meeting this mission requires building big health data interoperability and transport solutions, which can be costly and cumbersome to develop.

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RosettaHealth CEO to Share His Passion for Entrepreneurship at NABOE CEO Breakfast

Today’s business climate can be both extremely rewarding and challenging. With the rapid pace of innovation and increased competition, business success comes down to tenacity, talent and an unwavering passion to win.

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Nitor Group Releases RosettaHealth — Dramatically Simplifying Movement of Medical Records


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