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PODCAST: Dr. David C. Kibbe, President and CEO of DirectTrust, Discusses the Future of Health Data Exchange

In the following RosettaHealth podcast, Dr. David C. Kibbe, DirectTrust’s President and Chief Executive Officer, discusses the past, present and future of health data exchange, and how his organization continues to successfully drive the secure, interoperable communication of healthcare messaging and attachments.

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Health Data Exchange Success: DirectTrust Transactions Up 90 Percent

The DirectTrust nationwide network continues to be depended upon for secure, interoperable communication of healthcare messaging and attachments.

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Black Book Report: Clinicians Seek On-Demand Patient Data, Secure Messaging and Electronic Data Sharing

While the halls of HIMSS 2018 echoed with the sound of new developments in health data sharing, the reality is that many healthcare practices are not quite there yet – though they are highly motivated to address innovation gaps.

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Why Notarize when you can Optimize your Identity Proofing?

Secure Direct Messaging requires trust between two parties exchanging medical records.  This trust is established with a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Digital Certificate. Previously, LOA3 (Level of Assurance 3) in person authentication was required to identify proof an individual attached to the certification. While this process is straightforward, the inconvenience of having identification papers notarized has been a barrier to acquiring a PKI certificate.

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