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SHIEC 2019: RosettaHealth Hosts “Pickles, Pigs, and Whiskey” Reception

In addition to providing a forum for HIE leaders to tackle some of the biggest interoperability challenges, SHIEC 2019 also provide opportunities for attendees to network and have some good old fashioned fun.

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PODCAST: Three HIE Leaders Discuss Health Data Exchange Opportunities and Challenges in Advance of SHIEC 2019

In the following RosettaHealth podcast panel, we speak with Phil Beckett, CEO of HASA; Michael Gagnon, Executive Director of HealtHIE Nevada; and Nance Shatzkin, Founder of Shatzkin Systems (who also serves as the CIO and CISO of the Bronx RHIO), who all share their perspectives on the state of health data exchange in advance of the 2019 Annual SHIEC Conference.

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Health Data Answers: Will HIEs Become the Next Route 66 When TEFCA Arrives?

With the ONC planning on releasing the next iteration of TEFCA this year, many HIEs are likely to be very concerned about the potential impact of this federally-constructed interoperability initiative.

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RosettaHealth Platform: Easy Access and Sharing of Health Data

When it comes to the sharing of health data, one of the biggest challenges that care organizations face is getting access to the right data when and where they need it. All too often, barriers get in the way, leading to the question of “I just want the data – is that too much to ask?”

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SHIEC 2019: Advancing Health Data Sharing in the HIE Arena

As many HIEs uncover new ways to ensure that patient information seamlessly flows among providers’ electronic health record systems, many are turning to solutions like the RosettaHealth platform to further enhance their overall health data exchange.

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