RosettaHealth, EHNAC and ByteGrid help you navigate the compliance roadmap in the world of HIPAA compliant data centers.

WEBINAR: Navigating the Compliance Roadmap in the World of HIPAA Compliant Data Centers

Thursday, December 8th at 1pm EST

It is evident in today’s healthcare landscape that HIPAA breaches, incidents, cyber and ransomware attacks have exponentially increased along with the cost to covered entities to manage their risk strategies, cost, loss of credibility across a myriad of parameters.

As these threats continue it is critical that every entity involved in handling protected health information (PHI) data – either in transit or at rest – demonstrate an unwavering commitment to assuring stakeholders trust in its privacy and security practices.

With HIPAA Phase 2 enforcements now a reality, and HHS actively fining Healthcare organizations across the United States, it is paramount that this industry make informed decisions to protect themselves not just for breaches and attacks but also when selecting an outsourced data center to host HIPAA regulated applications and systems.  There are literally hundreds of choices in a data center partner, which can make it difficult to know who is and is not addressing all the requirements set forth in HIPAA-HITECH.

During the 45 minute webinar, we will cover:

  • The value proposition of EHNAC’s Accreditation Program
  • The measurable evidence EHNAC accreditation mandates as a part of its audit process to ensure that the hosting provider is in fact HIPAA compliant
  • The IT Controls a data center must have in place to demonstrate compliance
  • Description of HIPAA requirements and evidence that must be provided from the data center
  • The data center risk assessment and training requirements
  • A Healthcare companies perspective - HIPAA, accreditation and data center selection.


  • Rebecca Santorios, Director of Compliance, Health and Life Sciences at ByteGrid
  • Lee Barrett, Executive Director at EHNAC
  • Buff Colchagoff, CEO at RosettaHealth

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